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The Holy Bible says: “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” True or False? So it’s good to spank your child! True or False? There are few Biblical subjects more misunderstood among Christians and Child Rights advocates today than that of spanking children. This free ebook opens the door to understanding the Bible and what it actually teaches about spanking children.

“Well-researched and detailed, yet easy to read. You’ll be surprised to learn that spanking (as it’s practiced by most Christians) is not mentioned in the Bible. The author goes beyond the plain-text reading that most pastors and parents rely on, to find out what God really has to say about disciplining and punishing young children.”

This is a phenomenal book, and an absolute must read for any Christian involved with children. Written by an incredible Bible scholar, it goes into great, thorough detail about what the Bible actually says about the “spanking controversy”.

“This book captures what the Bible really says about corporal punishment. If you are pro-spanking, you will have a very difficult time refuting Samuel Martin’s valid arguments using the correct translations of the Bible. If you are wondering- “Is spanking really okay?” then this book will put your mind to rest. It’s a quick read, written clearly and simply. There are many sources quoted and recommended, if one desires further research on the subject. A truly life-changing book.”

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