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Part of our commitment is to empower and equip parents to adopt healthier, more effective ways to discipline children. From positive discipline to religious books opposing corporal punishment, this repository of resources will not only help parents understand the dangers of hitting children, but also find alternatives that actually work and do not harm the child.

StopSpanking began with a dream of a world where children are respected, where children flourish in the safety of their parents’ warmth and protection, and where children understand that violence is not something to endure, but something to resist, to stand up to, and condemn. A world where children possess the courage necessary to lead with moral conviction because they were not forced to simply submit and comply in the face of authority. 

Rather, these children were supported by the authority to respect themselves and others, extend care to those in need, and stand up for what is right and what is good. To that end, StopSpanking, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to ending the corporal punishment of children. Our mission is to raise awareness of both parents and educators that spanking is violence and harms children. Spanking violates a child’s human right to be free from violence.

Help for Pediatricians (form

The AAP has recently warned that parents should never spank their children. You can help spread the word!

This content is specially curated for pediatricians. It provides tools and tips and help pediatricians navigate the hot topic of spanking. 

Parents Listen to Their Pediatricians…

Dr. Teicher on the Developing Brain and Corporal Punishment

Violence -- a family tradition | Robbyn Peters Bennett

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