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The Holy Bible says: “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” True or False? So it’s good to spank your child! True or False? There are few Biblical subjects more misunderstood among Christians and Child Rights advocates today than that of spanking children. This free ebook opens the door to understanding the Bible and what it actually teaches about spanking children.

“Well-researched and detailed, yet easy to read. You’ll be surprised to learn that spanking (as it’s practiced by most Christians) is not mentioned in the Bible. The author goes beyond the plain-text reading that most pastors and parents rely on, to find out what God really has to say about disciplining and punishing young children.”

This is a phenomenal book, and an absolute must read for any Christian involved with children. Written by an incredible Bible scholar, it goes into great, thorough detail about what the Bible actually says about the “spanking controversy”.

“This book captures what the Bible really says about corporal punishment. If you are pro-spanking, you will have a very difficult time refuting Samuel Martin’s valid arguments using the correct translations of the Bible. If you are wondering- “Is spanking really okay?” then this book will put your mind to rest. It’s a quick read, written clearly and simply. There are many sources quoted and recommended, if one desires further research on the subject. A truly life-changing book.”


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Thy Rod and Thy Staff is actually a 4-part series of books. You can find Book II on, Book III on, and Book IV on


Trying to understand what God really says about childhood discipline can be like putting together a puzzle, but the pieces just don’t all seem to fit. For two generations conservative Christians have rejected the idea of a permissive “hands off” discipline and adopted a strict “hands on” discipline taught by many well-known Christian parenting authorities. In Heartfelt Discipline, Clay Clarkson advocates a different biblical model–a relational “hands around” discipline. If you have young children and are beginning to try to solve the discipline puzzle for your family, start with this book. It is a fresh, formula-free, and fully biblical perspective on childhood discipline that will change the way you think about your children. You’ll see how all the biblical pieces fit together and make sense, and put you on the path to your child’s heart.

As a Christian parent, you know your children need you to “bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” The Bible is clear about what you should do. But what about how you should do it? The way you answer will shape how your children remember your parenting and family.

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William Webb confronts those often avoided biblical passages that call for the corporal punishment of children, slaves and wrongdoers. How should we understand and apply them today? Are we obligated to replicate those injunctions today? Or does the proper interpretation of them point in a different direction? Webb notes that most of the Christian church is at best inconsistent in its application of these texts. But is there a legitimate basis for these lapses? Webb argues that the proper interpretation and application of these texts requires ascertaining their meaning within the ancient cultural/historical context. In recognizing the sweep of God’s redemptive purposes already evident in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New, we remain truly biblical.

“Webb challenges the premises of the traditional spanking position at a hermeneutical level and exposes its failure to come to grips with what the Bible actually says on the subject. He shows how most advocates of spanking have actually softened the Bible’s teaching on the subject, and he commends them for doing so. Yet he mounts a convincing case for following that trajectory and going one step further. Webb’s logic is tight and his insights penetrating. But beyond this, perhaps what is most impressive is the humble, irenic spirit he displays as he explains how he arrived at his position and addresses those who disagree with him. It will be interesting to see how the prospanking position responds to this thoughtful and profound challenge.”

~ Robert Chisholm, professor of Old Testament, Dallas Theological Seminary

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Increasingly, forward-looking scientists and psychologists researching issues of childrearing are finding themselves looking…backwards! After years of failed experiments in education, it is the Torah’s eternal wisdom that is proving itself the most effective, most humane, and most sensible way of teaching our children. In this fascinating, extensively-researched, and beautifully written work, Rabbi Kelemen, best-selling author, world-renowned lecturer, and acclaimed teacher, sets out a wonderfully practical Torah-based model for raising ethical, moral, and well-adjusted children, backing up his insights with over 400 scientific studies. This book is must reading for kiruv professionals and for parents, both observant and non-observant alike.

“Practical. Sobering. Invaluable.”

~ Senator Joe Lieberman

“This book is a welcome oasis in a vast desert.”

~ Dr. Laura Schlesinger

“To Kindle a Soul is quite simply a triumph. This book is a service to humanity.”

~ Dennis Prager

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“The Christian church really needs to spend the time learning the cherry picked verses it uses to advise Christians to beat their children as an “act of love”. I greatly and wholeheartedly recommend this book to every Christian parent, especially those who are under the teaching of Patriarchy Headship, who senses something is not right to read this book.”

~ Mulder

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Any worthwhile, long-term endeavor must develop from sound principles and a firm foundation especially child-rearing. Planting & Building: Raising a Jewish Child is not only the title of this 80-page text, but these two concepts Planting & Building form the foundation upon which the structure of successful child-rearing rests.

“If you have “difficult” or “stubborn” children, throw away your other parenting books and just drink this one in, deeply. Time and again, I lose patience with the “sprouting” process and try to “fix” my children with rigid, soul-destroying discipline. When, invariably, I give up in despair – I always happen to notice this book on my shelf, read it…and thank G-d for its translator :-)! Without making you into the weak parent of a tyrannical child, this book shows you how to honor your child (and the tough ones REALLY need that) and, slowly, patiently, joyously, bring out the mentsch that he/she really is.”

~ Nika

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In this rare work of scholarship, “the subject [of physical discipline] enters our minds and hearts in a new way, and we are forced to imagine a world in which the hitting of a child is against the laws of both man and God.”

~ Chicago Tribune

He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes. These words provided generations of American Christians with the justification for physically disciplining their children, in ways that range from spankings to brutal beatings. This learned and deeply disturbing work of history examines both the religious roots of corporal punishment in America and its consequences — in the minds of children, in adults, and in our national tendencies toward authoritarian and apocalyptic thinking. Drawing on sources as old as Cotton Mather and as current as today’s headlines, Spare the Child is one of those rare works of scholarship that have the power to change our lives.

“A gift from an enlightened historian to every person. It provides us with crucial information ignored or silenced throughout the world. A step toward a more enlightened and peaceful society.”

~ Alice Miller, author of For Your Own Good

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This book is provided to inspire those Christians (and other people of faith) who are in need of support in their desire to raise their children non-violently. Often parents who choose this path are forced to stand in contradiction to their own religious teachers. Here you will find support for your adherence to the teachings of the Prince of peace in raising your children without hitting.

You will also find a growing movement concerning different religions’ stand on hitting children. The end goal of this is to impact religions to review their teachings on child rearing so that caring, instilling discipline, teaching limits and respect for self and others, can be accomplished without the need to hit and shame these little ones.

You are invited to send your stories, refer your friends, join a letter writing campaign, or do research on different religious beliefs concerning raising children. Eventually we wish to come together in a conference to find ways of moving religions forward to support banning corporal punishment of children in this country.

You can order single or multiple copies of The Nonviolent Christian Parent by writing to Al Crowell, 333 Clipper St., San Francisco, CA 94114.


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