Become a No-Hit-Zone school, church, shelter, organization, restaurant, business … home!

No-Hit-Zones are a proactive way promote calm, safe and caring environments for children where no hitting of any kind is allowed.

Signage illustrates the well-established harmful effects of corporal punishment and promotes effective painless parenting techniques.

Staff are trained to give parents resources for effective guidance and information on the harm of physical discipline in a non-shaming, non-blaming fashion.



Current No Hit Zones

Family Court: Jefferson Family Court

Government Offices: Dane County District Attorney’s Office

City Spaces: Madison Heights, MI is one of few municipalities with ‘No Hit Zone’ resolutions aimed at preventing hitting and spanking of kids in public places.

Hospitals & Pediatric Offices: 

  1. Norton Children’s Hospital, Louisville, KYUW Health and American Family Children’s Hospital, Kentucky

  2. Gundersen Medical Center, LaCrosse, Wisconsin

  3. Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri

  4. University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota

  5. UW Health and American Family Children’s Hospital, Madison, Wisconsin

  6. Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana

  7. UT Physicians, UTHealth, Houston, Texas

  8. Mother Baby Unit and Emergency Department of Chesapeake Regional Health Care, Chesapeake, Virginia

  9. General Academic Pediatrics Office, Children’s Hospital of the Kings’ Daughters, Norfolk, Virginia

  10. Lehigh Valley Health Network, Allentown, Pennsylvania

  11. Greenville Health System Children’s Hospital, Center for Pediatric Medicine, Greenville, South Carolina

  12. Nationwide Children’s, Columbus, Ohio

  13. Wolfson Children’s Hospital, Jacksonville, Florida

  14. Golisano Children’s Hospital & University of Rochester Medical Center Pediatric Emergency Department, Rochester, New York

  15. Montefiore Medical Center and Children’s Hospital, Bronz, New York

  16. No Hit Zone, SCAN, building hope for children & families in Northern Virginia, Alexandria, Virginia

  17. Salina Regional Health Center, Salina, Kansas

Sample Posters & Presentations

POSTER (English)

POSTER (Spanish)

FLYER (Spanish)


Implementing a “No Hit Zone”





Creating a Safe Place for Pediatric Care: A No Hit Zone

Erin R. Frazier, Gilbert C. Liu, Kelly L. Dauk

Conclusions: The No Hit Zone is an important program used to provide a safe and caring environment for all families and staff of Kosair Children’s Hospital. Demand for the program continues, demonstrated by the establishment of No Hit Zones at other local hospitals and multiple outpatient clinics. This article offers information for other organizations planning to conduct similar initiatives.

Research Link


No Hit Zones: A Simple Solution to Address the Most Prevalent Risk Factor in Child Abuse

Stacie Schrieffer LeBlacn, JD, MEd, Randall Alexander, MD, PhD, Madison Mastrangelo, Hannah Gilbert

How to Create a No-Hit-Zone:  NHZs designed around the six strategies of the Spectrum of Prevention (SOP) model have the most likelihood to move beyond education to shifting cultural norms (Cohen & Swift, 1999). The SOP

has proven successful in other injury and violence prevention efforts and lends itself well to the synergy needed to shift the high approval of a “good hard spanking.” Without much additional effort, NHZs can easily address all six levels of the SOP systematic action tool. The SOP model encourages prevention leaders to engage each level of the SOP by influencing policy, changing organizational practices, fostering coalitions, educating health and other providers, promoting community education, and improving individual skills and knowledge (Cohen & Swift, 1999). As such, the following discussion of No Hit Zones addresses implementing all levels.

Resources for Parents



Need an Easy Way to Share the Harms of Spanking?

Simply hand parents a helper card!

Parents can…

  • Surf peaceful parenting websites

  • Join LIVE Facebook parenting support groups

  • Watch a free webinar on peaceful parenting


Faith Hope Love Boutique is pleased to introduce a simple, positive, caring design to support the U.S. grassroots effort to promote “no hitting”.

“No hitting, not anyone, not anytime!” Courtesy of Champions For Children: Prevent Child Abuse Hampton Roads

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