Sixteen-year-old Samuel Braxton walks into the Buckhead High School cafeteria at lunchtime and murders 16 students, wounding 42 others with his grandfather’s M16 assault rifle. Among the dead is Lacy Hathaway, daughter of Sarah Hathaway, a TV news anchorwoman for the Global News Network, which launches Sarah on a passionate journey to discover the real cause of these massacres. She knows gun control is only a very small part of the answer. On a deeper level, she needs to know what is creating this violent criminal behavior in our teenagers.In a surprise and unprecedented move, the District Attorney files charges against Samuel Braxton’s parents, for criminal negligence by allowing Samuel unfettered access to the M16, and as accessories to the murders for subjecting Samuel to corporal punishment as a child. The Braxton trial provides Sarah with the answers to her questions in a totally unexpected way. Follow along in the trial and find out what Sarah discovers that leads her to quit her job and devote her full time and attention to making sure this would happen #NeverAgain.

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