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Hear from our President:

Hi, my name is George Holden, and I am the president of the U.S. Alliance to End the Hitting of Children.

Like most Americans, I am concerned about the health and well-being of our children. One of the biggest threats to children’s well-being is violence in our society. Too many children experience violence in the home at a young age– by well-meaning parents. Many parents use the age-old disciplinary practice of slapping, spanking, or hitting their children with an object in an effort to teach them how to behave.

Children also may get hit by adults outside the home—in schools. In 19 states, children are legally allowed to be paddled in schools.

There is now ample evidence that shows that physical punishment in any place is not only an ineffective disciplinary technique, but it is counter-productive because it can produce one or more of a number of potential psychological, behavioral, and relationship problems. Hundreds of studies have arrived at this conclusion. Corporal punishment models aggression and violence for children, and it does not teach children how to behave. Children do need limits and guidelines on behavior—but hitting them is not the right way to achieve this. We advocate more effective and positive methods of discipline that protect children from and do not model violence.

We are committed to ending school paddling in all of the 19 states that continue to allow paddling in schools. And we are committed to educating parents and future parents that there are better ways to rear children than by using physical punishment—by using positive discipline techniques.

You can help us reduce and eventually end this form of violence against our children.

What can you do?

  1. You can help us by making a donation so we can expand our work. Your gifts will support our various initiatives including:
  2. Our efforts to end paddling in schools in the United States,
  3. Educating parents and prospective parents about positive parenting approaches
  4. Educating and informing parents and prospective parents about the many negative impacts of corporal punishment
  5. Help reach educators and policymakers to help them understand the reasons why corporal punishment is a failed policy
  6. Help us undertake activities to end hitting children and to work to stop hitting children as a practice before it starts!
  7. Help pay for staff, administrative and other costs

We want to share information about positive parenting approaches so parents and teachers do not have to use physical punishment. For more information about our initiatives, please visit our website:

Donations of any amount are appreciated to help fund our work. Your support is important not only to help us meet our current operating budget but also to show granting organizations that we have a large, diverse base of individuals who believe in what we are doing and are helping us financially.

There are many very worthy charities in operation in the USA. Having your support as an individual helps granting organizations practically better understand the level of support and the stability that our organization has. Your support is so crucial!

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Organizations like The U.S. Alliance to End the Hitting of Children normally rely on several sources of support to do their work. These are governmental grants, grants from grant-making institutions and donations from individuals.

A strong base of individual supporters is key to our work in mobilizing support from our government and other grant-making institutions. This allows your gift to be multiplied many times over.

Having a diversified support base also ensures that The U.S. Alliance to End the Hitting of Children complies with all relevant government regulations concerning its public support base.

Whether you can contribute $5, $50, $500, or $5,000, all funds will be used to further our mission of ending physical punishment of children.

Your donations are all 100% tax deductible in the USA.

Children need homes and schools that are safe and nurturing environments. Let’s create a world where children will have happier, healthier, and more peaceful childhoods. Let’s create homes and schools where children thrive—for the sake of all children, their parents, and society.

Be a part of planting and building peace and non-violence in our homes, schools and nation.

Thank you!

Dr. George Holden
PresidentU.S. Alliance to End the Hitting of Children
Professor EmeritusSouthern Methodist University, Dallas, TX