Board of Advisors

We are pleased to have the following helping us with their advice and experience

Alma Allen,

Ph.D Texas House of Representatives

Nadine Block,

M.Ed. Center for Effective Discipline

Rev. Dr. Anne M. Cameron

Dallas, TX

Raffi Cavourkian

Centre for Child Honouring

Jeff Charles

Southern Education and

Howard Davidson,

J.D. American Bar Association

Jimmy Dunne,

People Opposed to Paddling Students

Joan E. Durrant,

Ph.D. University of Manitoba

David Finkelhor,

Ph.D. Crimes Against Children Research Center

Paula Flowe,

M.Ed. The Hitting Stops Here!

Elizabeth Gershoff,

Ph.D. University of Texas

Charles D. Gill,

J.D. Superior Court Judge

Michael Goldfield

Child Rights Activist

Madeleine Y. Gomez,

Ph.D. President PsycHealth, Ltd.

Harville Hendrix,

Ph.D. Founder Imago Relationship Therapy

Jane Nelsen,

Ed.D. Positive San Diego

Stacey Patton,

Ph.D Journalist, Child Advocate

James C. Talbot

Parent Educator/Author