No Hit Zone

How to Implement a “No Hit Zone”

Many hospitals, pediatric clinics and even the family court offices have implemented a “No Hit Zone” policy and program to help maintain a calm, safe and caring environment for children, families and staff. Nearly 30 children’s hospitals nationwide, including Kosair Children’s Hospital and Children’s Mercy Hospital, have successfully implemented the “No Hit Zone” to promote children’s basic human right to be free from violence and to promote the health of children and families. Family violence, including physical punishment, is linked to a myriad of negative health outcomes. The “No Hit Zone” promotes prevention of family violence and encourages positive parenting alternatives.

The “No Hit Zone” designation means that the organization maintains an environment in which:

No Hit Zone

  • No adult shall hit another adult
  • No adult shall hit a child
  • No child shall hit an adult, and
  • No child shall hit another child

The staff encourage parents to:

  1. Listen and talk with their child
  2. Let their child know what behaviors are expected
  3. Understand what behaviors to expect based upon the child’s age and developmental level


KosairExamples of Where to Implement

Family Court: Jefferson Family Court

Hospitals & Pediatric Offices: Kosair Children’s Hospital

Government Offices: Dane County District Attorney’s Office

No Hit Zones are Supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics

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Creating a Safe Place for Pediatric Care: A No Hit Zone

Erin R. FrazierGilbert C. LiuKelly L. Dauk

Conclusions: The No Hit Zone is an important program used to provide a safe and caring environment for all families and staff of Kosair Children’s Hospital. Demand for the program continues, demonstrated by the establishment of No Hit Zones at other local hospitals and multiple outpatient clinics. This article offers information for other organizations planning to conduct similar initiatives.

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Posters & Flyers

Children’s Mercy Hospital implements “No Hit Zone” with informative Posters


Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 12.25.26 PMHelpful pamphlet created by Children’s Mercy Hospital to provide guidance to parents on the purpose of a “No Hit Zone” and alternatives to harsh punishment.

How to Implement a
“No Hit Zone”

PowerPoint Presentation